"The CIO Mining conference was well worth attending, the group had some excellent experiences, shared their knowledge and learning's from implementation of real user cases in industry.  I came ready to share but also to listen and so got a lot out of the day"

Michelle Ash

Chief Digital Officer

Barrick Gold Corporation


"The Australian CIO Mining Summit is a great opportunity to network with your peers across the mining industry in Australia, as its the only true event dedicated to the mining sector. 


I have attended the summit for the past two years and what i find most valuable is the format.  The majority of the sessions are presented by your industry peers therefore not only is the content very relevant there is also a lot of great interaction across the group. 


This year there were also a number of very informative sessions presented by mining services organisations which gave great insight into how these organisations are facing similar challenges and what they are doing to transform their services" 









Darren Hadfield




----------"This is the second time i've attended the CIO Mining Summit for Australia and once again it was a great opportunity to connect with peers in the industry. 


Not only is it a great networking event but it also represent a terrific opportunity to discuss, explore and debate on specific topics of interest. 


This year like the year before there were a number of great presenters and facilitators"






Ray Achemedei 

General Manager Information Services

CITIC Pacific Mining Management Pty Ltd 


"Darren brings together highly experienced and intelligent people who have invaluable IT knowledge in the mining industry.

The two day summit is a fantastic opportunity to listen to peoples journeys, validate strategy, discuss challenges, network and meet value adding vendors"

Edward Jeffries

Manager IT Operations and Networks

St Barbara Limited

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